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Our Workshops

Main Themes

Our offer is available both for in-person and online formats: 
  1. Boundaries, Communication & Consent
  2. Bystander Intervention
  3. Active Listening
  4. Alcohol & Party Culture
  5. Allyship
  6. Student Leadership Training (for student/study associations)
  7. Teaching for Inclusion & Social Safety (for staff)
  8. Peer Educator Training 

For Whom?



Through our workshops, we challenge myths from the rape culture, prompt towards critical introspection and provide tools to help prevent violence and support survivors.

Academic, support & executive staff:

Through our workshops, we provide tools on how to best support student survivors, understand power dynamics in classrooms and manage difficult conversations.

Our Partners:

Student/Study Associations

Training for board members:

We oversee the development of an overall plan for safe and inclusive societies, focusing on responses to crisis, setting cultures, risk identification and mitigation, and skills for bystander intervention. It will help them prepare for the next intake of students.

Workshops for association general members:

We open up an interactive space for participants to share their experiences with each other, and will be carefully facilitated so that these are treated successfully. The participants will also develop communication and bystander intervention skills.

Our Partners:

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